Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church
Pastor........................Rickie M. Houston
Wilmington, North Carolina
A Christ Centered Family & Outreach
"Verily I say unto you, what ever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me." Matthew 25:45
Church Motto:  “The size of our church
will not be determined by the size
of our building; but rather by the size of
our hearts for Christ.”
Associate Minister......Dr. Deborah Houston
Associate Minister......Elder Ruth Green

Let us begin again, reflecting on past
accomplishments. For the benefit of measuring how
far we can go and even dreaming of new heights.
Every time we do something, we begin with more
knowledge and wisdom than we had the last time.

Let us begin again, for each time we repeat an
action we get better at it. Each time a muscle is
used, it gets stronger. Each time we recall a
thought it gets clearer and more detailed.

Let us begin again, reflecting on past situations
where we have fallen short. Let us recognize what
caused us to stumble, and avoid those pitfalls on
this new journey.

Let us begin again, and lean on the strength and
wisdom of those further down the path than we are,
for one day, people will need us to be strong and
wise for them to assist them in their journey. It
could be, perhaps, that the people that were strong
for us will be the ones that most need our strength
one day.

Let us begin again, acknowledging that there will
be people who will pray, cheer, and encourage us
on our way. Some will do this outwardly. Some will
do this silently, hopefully.

Let us begin again, having the courage to show up.
Showing up can be intimidating. It can be hard. It
can be overwhelming. We must push past our
internal resistance, and show up anyway.

Let us begin again, because all the negative things
we believe people will be saying and thinking aren’t
true. Let us not talk ourselves out of doing
something because we suspect others are judging

Let us begin again, because we can, and therefore
we should.
Welcome to Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church's website.  We
are excited that you have taken a few minutes to visit with us.  We
are a Christ centered family focused ministry located in Wilmington,
North Carolina.  

Our mission is to help individuals identify and operate within their
God-given purpose in an atmosphere that strives to be
compassionate in love, excellent in service, holy in living, and
sincere in worship.

O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together.
Psalm 34:3